Turkey Day Tips!

Thanksgiving Day tips!

Some simple tips to make sure you’re meal comes off without a hitch!

1.  Don’t try to re-invent the wheel! Stick with the basics on most dishes and maybe have one unique thing.

2.  Have a PLAN!  Plan out dishes and cooking times, to know what order to make dishes.  Keep in mind which dishes can be heated up and which should be served immediately.

3.  Have a few adult beverages handy.  This will help curb an appetite and relax your guests, so you don’t get stressed out!

4.  Cook your turkey to about 160 degrees when measured from the thickest part of the turkey.  Don’t rely on the pop up thermometers!

5.  Let your turkey rest AT LEAST 20 minutes before carving into it.  Don’t worry, it will still be warm!

6.  Cut potatoes into smaller cubes for faster cooking.  Drain potatoes and place back on burner on high heat for about 2-3 minutes to remove excess water.  This will prevent watery mashed potatoes.

7.  Have guests bring the simple things that no one can mess up! (i.e. drinks, ice, etc.)

8.  Salt and pepper is your friend! Nothing is worse than bland food! TASTE, TASTE, and TASTE as you’re cooking.  Season and if necessary reseason!

9.  Everything doesn’t have to be made from scratch! (insert gasp)

10.  Have fun! Don’t be too consumed with pleasing the people around you that you don’t take time to enjoy their company!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Food-it Forward!

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