Fizzy and Frozen Cocktail


Fizzy and Frozen Cocktail

 A refreshing cocktail for a hot summer day! 

Servings: 4



½ package frozen strawberries


2/3 cup Country Time Lemonade Mix

2 cups ice


1 16oz bottle of Perrier or club soda

1 cup water

6-8 oz of Grey Goose (or other premium vodka)

4 tbsp of sugar to rim glass



  1. In a blender, add water, strawberries, lemonade mix, ice, and vodka.  Blend until ice is finely crushed.  Pulse blender to still keep iced crushed without completely melting.
  2. Once all is mixed and ice is crushed, top blender with club soda, and blend again until well mixed (approximately 30 seconds).
  3. Place sugar on a flat surface or saucer. 
  4. Using a moistened paper towel, wipe the lip of the serving glass and place in sugar.  Circulate top until rim is coated with sugar.
  5. Pour in cocktail and enjoy!


Options: Use remaining frozen strawberries as garnish!

Food-it or Drink-it FORWARD! 😉

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