The Ritz Grill – Colorado Springs

The Ritz Grill is located in the downtown area of Colorado Springs.  While I have frequented this establishment as a night spot, I’ve never actually tried it as a restaurant until the other day.  At first look at the menu, I was impressed by the variety of items.  The menu included a plethora of selections from traditional American cuisine to Asian, Hispanic, and even Caribbean influences.  This, however, proved to be the only real delightful surprise. 

I decided to order the “Award Winning” Seafood Gumbo as a starter and the 5 Pepper Burger as my entrée.  My companion decided on the Chinese Chicken Salad.  First of all, my started and my entrée came out all at the same time – which is a HUGE pet peeve!  That’s Service 101, right?  Well, it only got worse.  The “Award Winning” Gumbo was completely overseasoned with salt.  I have to imagine the chef was having an off day, unless the award this gumbo won was “Most Salty.”  My burger didn’t prove to be much better.  From the immediate glance, I could tell it had sat under the broiler too long as the cheese had begun to BROWN!  From that visual indication alone, I suspected my burger was overcooked.  I had ordered medium, and sure enough the burger was well done. (Sigh)

Now, being the food critic that I am, I also tried my companions dish. [Fair warning to anyone I eat out with, I’ll be trying your dish as well.  Hey! I’m thorough 🙂 ]  The Chinese Chicken Salad was a hefty portion but similar to my burger, the chicken was way overcooked and dry.  I compare it to perhaps chewing on a cardboard box.  What was more interesting was the “asian vinaigrette” that it was supposed to be served with looked like it had some type of cream in it, which was unusual.  Overall, uninspiring.  This is one restaurant I would NOT Food FORWARD.

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