La Baguette

La Baguette
Old Colorado City

La Baguette…sounds so French, right? Well don’t expect to be transported to La Paris from the first step inside. Instead expect some of the best desserts this side of the Atlantic. Yes, I know it’s La Baguette and I should be critiquing the bread, right? Wrong, that wasn’t my mission and I’m glad we went rogue! So I had four different dessert dishes, yes that’s a four.

First up to plate, was the lemon tart. Perfectly sliced, the lemon tart brought a bright surprise of flavor only matched by its color which was beaming yellow like Big Bird off Sesame Street yellow! This is a lemon lover’s dream!

Second, the Crème puff. No, this wasn’t your standard buy-from-the-freezer-section-then-thaw-and-consume variety. This, was much more than a bite size morsel, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and inside the creamiest of sweet cream.

Third, the Crème Caramel. Flan lovers will get a kick of this rich dessert. Although a light custard covered with a deep flavored caramel, is not to be taken lightly.

Lastly, the Strausse. This was cheesecake on steroids! Topped with raspberry and filled with the airiest of creamed cheese filling! No need for a graham cracker crust here…this put a new spin to a classic.

Oh and if you’re daring enough, they do sell escargot. I almost tried it, but didn’t want to end with a lingering taste of snail on my palette. Smart, right? Maybe next time.

Overall Analysis: Love at first sight, LUST at first bite.

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